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Formaldehyde is produced by catalytic oxidation and dehydrogenation of Methanol in the presence of silver base (catalyst which is regenerated and re-used). The formaldehyde product is drawn from the 1st circulation of the absorber. The concentration of formaldehyde in the product can be adjusted 37 - 45% with methanol contents  max. 4% (by weight).


- Manufacturing of Amino Resins (Urea Formaldehyde Glue)
- Manufacturing of Molding Compound 
- Use in Textile Industries etc...

Appearance Water Clear
Odour Pungent Smell
Formaldehyde 37 - 45%  ± 5%
Methanol Content 4 % Max
Density at 25°C 1.090 - 1.130 kg/litre
Acid Content 0.07 % Max