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It is based upon the reaction of urea and formaldehyde solution and reagent chemicals. Urea and Formaldehyde is charged into the reactor and undergoes poly condensation Reaction. After reaching the desired viscosity the reaction is terminated, the pH is adjusted and cooled before transferring it to the storage tanks.


Main Usage :
- Manufacturing of Chipboards and hard board.
- Manufacturing of Plywood and Panel.
- Lamination and impregnation.
- Manufacturing of MDF board.

Urea Formdehyde ( Amino Resin)    
Viscosity 80 - 300  cps at 25 °C
Solid Contents 50 - 64%
Shelf Life Min. 30 days from the date of process.
To Double Viscosity 3 weeks from the date of process.
Water Tolerance 1: 1.50 - 1: 2.25
pH 8.0 - 8.5
Physical Appearance Milky