To maximize productivity and sales through diversification and to keep our customers satisfied through optimum utilization of human resource and technology, maintain safe and environmentally sound practice for we believe success requires the highest standards of corporate behavior towards everyone, we work with.


To enhance the economic well-being of not just the company but all the individuals associated with it, by providing quality products at competitive prices through development of market product range innovative technology and human capital with a proactive approach.

Our Values:

We believe in maintaining high standards of moral and ethical values. moreover we believe it is our duty to provide safe and healthy working environment to all our staff.

Brief History

The company was formed in 1960 with the name of HAFEEZ TABAAT GHAR which was involved in the field of printing stationary keeping in view the concept of creativity innovation and customer satisfaction the company was pioneer in introducing the concept of the continuous form printing and security printing by importing state of the art machinery from Germany. through introducing such printing concept in Pakistan the company was able to make WAPDA,KESC,SSGC its major customers for many years in the year 1999 the company purchased a Petrochemical plant from high court of Baluchistan situated in Hub, BALUCHISTAN, Province of Pakistan for producing Petro chemical product named Formaldehyde through methanol, the company set up a plant at the same premises of Urea formaldehyde in the year 2001 and another plant which was an extension in the current product range which produces molding compound parallel to this the company is also involved in manufacturing of polyester button and surgical cotton the company also owns a hexamine producing plant which is only in Pakistan but it is currently inoperative the company is no liability company and more then 100 chartered LCs have been opened.